making stuff

ted-logoif you haven’t seen this talk by neurologist Jill Bolte Taylor about her insight into how the left & right brains are different, it’s amazing. especially if you are a creative trying to get the editor out of the way.

my own version: I repurposed a loved vest from the 90’s into a light bag for walking the dog today and got to see this very thing in action.

sewing is a zennish thing for me. like coloring. I just have to put this piece next to that piece. next and next and next. no real thinking, but plenty of things to keep my critical mind occupied: making sure seams are straight, there is enough fabric & thread & scissors are close & I have reverse-stitched enough to make it strong. my editor doesn’t have time to suppress the creative optimistic brain who is finally free to dream bigger. to see what there really is to see and believe in it.

time is suspended when I’m making stuff, my brain floats and sorts things out. like it’s taking the long view of my life and it really knows the whole story. I need to do more of that.


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