guest post ~Inspiration Pie~

Jaime sunrise


  • A scoop of Walking Honey
  • A handful of Listening
  • A dash of Self Care
  • A pinch of Writing
  • A cup of Prayer and
  • A whole lot of Paying Attention


Mix it all together and wa la we’re ready to eat! As with any recipe add some, take some away, make it your own.

Here’s how I feed my creative soul:

I wake up at 4:30am every morning. It’s not always easy, but for me it is Self Care: it helps me sleep better, the house is quiet and I have alone time. I Write three pages in my spiral notebook every day. Then I read a few pages from various books for inspiration and guidance. I Pray and I attempt to meditate.

By 6am I am ready and I take Honey for a Walk that lasts about fifteen minutes.

It’s usually very quiet. I Listen to the sounds of birds chirping, a distant neighbor’s rooster cock-a-doodle-do-ing and a few cars passing by on their way to work.

The sun is just on its way up, peeking over the mountains. If I’m lucky, the sky is filled with blues, pinks and purples. I take this time to connect with my higher power, to Pray and to stay in the moment by Paying Attention to all of my surroundings. I live across the street from a big empty lot that is filled with tall grass and old trees. There is an indented path worn down by the cars that cut through to reach a few houses at the end. Right at the edge, there is a sea of rocks. I collect a few and bring them home.

FlowerThere are about four paths we take, a different one every day. We have gone on hundreds of walks and I am amazed that I still see things I have never noticed before. Recently, it was a big bush filled with fragrant white flowers.

I find that I am most inspired when I am making gifts for friends and family – and recently, for myself. By really Listening and Paying Attention to what they like or need or want. I pull from all of these ingredients and mix them all together. When I am in the right place at the right time, the idea comes to me and I Write it down or do a little sketch.

Then I make it. I might make a mistake and it might turn out wonderful. I might love it and I might hate it.

I just make it. I learn from the experience and move on to the next.

~ Jaime Shoultz


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