living creative

our giant parade trophy - we won the grand prize - with reasonable facsimiles of our girls

our giant parade trophy – we won the grand prize – next to reasonable facsimiles of our girls

one solid month since I’ve posted.  yikes – I’ve been busy.  from preparing for our annual neighborhood memorial day parade (we enter our backyard chickens) to throwing myself a big birthday party (I’m 50!!) to billing a bazillion client hours the past three weeks, I’ve had to put aside CONVENTIONAL creativity, like blogging, cooking, sewing & writing.

instead, I’ve had to express my creative self wherever I can – in the day to day moments of life:

  • made a purple cape to wear in the parade (capes rule!)
  • cut my hair short short short – shortest it’s been in 20 years.  I may never go longer again
  • painted my toenails
  • decorated for my birthday party with lights & tents & old photos – in my front yard (we live on a busy corner)
  • laughed over silly things
  • reveled in the creativity of work projects whenever possible
  • eliminated some frumpy, ill-fitting clothes from my closet & replaced them with some fun ones
  • bought a pair of interesting new shoes
  • inhaled deeply
  • arranged flowers
  • whooped and hollered at the double decker bus that kept going by my front yard birthday party venue
  • ate way too many marshmallows and cupcakes

my firm belief  is that everyone is creative – our souls need to get it OUT.  when we can’t devote a block of time to being creative, we can let whatever we’re doing be creativity enough – for now.  my projects are calling me.

btw – my front yard birthday party is something I NEVER would have done even 3 years ago.  allowing myself to be the center of attention, enjoying it and making all the plans myself was a giant step in the direction of being truly grown up for me.  yay me – it feels good to be a solid member of the human race.  right there in the middle.  not less than or better than.

how do you express your creative self when you’re too busy to sit at a sewing machine, drawing table, etc.?


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