guest post ~ creating life ~

Baby Eva editedI can’t sleep.  I get maybe 4 to 5 hours a night.  My lower right back and right hip ache.  I have shortness of breath.  My right ankle and toes swell up.  I walk slower.

I feel like I swallowed a bowling ball.

My tummy is itchy.  I get crazy hungry sometimes along with little bouts of heartburn.  There’s a whole list of foods I’m not allowed to eat.

I have to wear a panty liner, because I leak every time I sneeze or cough.  I’ve had crazy constipation where my hooha swelled up at one point.   My boobs are huge and my nipples have gotten bigger and darker.

I’m more sensitive causing me to cry about silly things.  I have a hard time bending over.  I run my tummy into things, like my husband.  I’ve peed on my bathroom rug while throwing up.

And here’s the most shocking thing…. I’m grateful for it all.

I’m constantly reminded that I’m growing a life inside me as a result of an intimate loving moment with my husband.  How truly amazing is that?

I’m able to be in the moment, feeling love and gratitude and beautiful.  I’m walking through fear and letting go.  Everything I’m going through physically is more than worth what I’m receiving emotionally.

I’m creating life.

Jaime Shoultz

thank you, Jaime. what a beautifful glimpse into the ultimate creation.


4 thoughts on “guest post ~ creating life ~

  1. Sweetie……. you are the most amazing woman……. and I am so proud to call you my sister! This baby is going to be the luckiest one on the planet….. well, not just because I’m her Aunt, but because you are her mommy! LOL

  2. And we can’t wait…..Christmas will be wonderful with a new baby girl to share it with…..Grandpa Jack will be looking down and smiling I’m sure……Love you girl……..Bonnie

  3. Jaime- I have known you since we were children, I have grown up with you playing a very important role in my life. You are going to be an amazing mother, and role model for this super sweet little girl in your belly. I have seen you transform over and over, and you never seize to amaze me. You truly are a wonderful human being, We are all lucky to have you in our lives. You will raise a strong, creative, confident and loving young girl. I can”t wait to meet her. I am positive that her middle name should be Sue, which is similar to, two of the coolest girls I know. 🙂

  4. so happy that you can “be in the moment” through this all. I too went through my pregnancy “living in the moment” and look back and rejoice on the memory of smiling because I was growing a baby and feeling really special. You are special Jaime and you are doing something really special right NOW! Multi-tasking to the highest degree! Enjoy!

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