beware ~ negative thinking

so I’m playing 2048 – a super addictive iphone game – and something happens that is WAY hard to recover from (at least for me). my immediate thought: “of course!”

if you haven’t played 2048, then imagine you reach for the last yummy avocado in the fridge. you can already taste it and your mouth starts watering in anticipation. THEN you notice that it’s completely rotten; dried up inside and almost hollow. “of course!”

but why “of course”? why am I more surprised at good luck than bad? I wouldn’t think of saying “of course!” if I won the lottery. or if I reached for that avocado and it was perfection itself.

it made me wonder if I have programmed myself to expect less-than-desirable things and am therefore, making them happen. or at least making them more likely to happen. and then my mind flashed to Hee Haw (didn’t yours?) and the bit they used to do about “if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” (video above if you’ve forgotten it). we used to laugh at them, but I think there’s part of me that IS them. yikes.


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