what would your seven year old self say?


got to thinking today about what my seven year old self would think of my current life choices.  she was pretty optimistic about our future.  grownups got to do whatever they wanted, and she wanted to be an artist or a writer, NEVER a teacher (no other nevers, just that one).

as life happens, I DID become a teacher (never say never), and I liked it.  but it was a side trip on my life path to becoming a writer.  today, after many years and trying on different career hats, I’m creating the life my seven year old self knew we were best suited for.  I’m a writer.  I write everyday: blogs, business writing, and (dare I say it out loud?) a novel.  though I’ve written hundreds of first chapters of hundreds of different novels, this one has the most life.  because I show up and believe.  and breathe life into it.

I think my seven year old would approve.  what did your seven year old want to be?


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