who says it has to be hard?


life doesn’t have to be hard.

that uber profound statement is my new realization.  I learned early that hard work was the most bestest ambition of all: the really great people were hard workers.  and a creative life is unsuccessful and heartbreaking – only dead artists are worth any money.  you can’t play all day and get anywhere in life.  making stuff was a nice hobby, but . . . blah, blah, blah.  well-intentioned but soul-crushing advice.

now I know that when things are easy, and everything flows – that’s when I am on the right path.  doing what I was made to do.  I’m learning to value the time I spend creating – I no longer allow myself to consider it a waste of time.  it feeds every other aspect of my life.  though it doesn’t pay the bills – yet – it does open my mind, fill my soul and feed my energy.

more “easy” in my life, please!  that’s a sure path to happiness for me.  and what’s more satisfying and “successful” than a happy life?  since we spend the majority of our lives working to live, why not spend that time really living our work?  and breathing life into work?  and creating a worklife worth living?  I, for one, am ready to change my definition of “work” from “hard” to “easy”.


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