lessons from Peter Pan

happy thoughts
rewatching “Hook”, I was reminded that what we need to “fly” in our creative lives is “happy thoughts”.

what this means to me is that in order for me to be at the top of my creative game, I need to be fearless, or at least optimistic.  that feeling when my heart is full and squeezes out my doubts and negative self-talk.  when I have managed to switch the radio station away from KFUK.  the feeling I get when I’m listening to the song “I believe I can fly” (flying again), almost any Jason Mraz song, especially “Living in the Moment”, or more currently, Pharrel’s “Happy”.

it occurred to me that I can get myself to this feeling – I’ve felt it many times listening to particular music or when I leave a really great “feel good” movie.  I’ve felt it at the end of a good workout, and after a walk on the beach.  other times I’ve felt this include when I’ve written or read a card to a good friend.  or really connected with somebody.  or laughed til I fell out of my chair and peed my pants.  it’s not something that I have to wait for – for it to happen to me.

I can spend time in the morning capturing this feeling: my happy thoughts.  getting into that space will help me to FLY.  happy thoughts have a way of doing that.

where do you find your happy thoughts?


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